Who we are

HyperDrive, LLC is dedicated to offering quality research and testing services, as well as high quality aero-propulsion products. We have a variety of wind tunnels that can reach up to Mach 10. They support both reacting and non reacting test regimes. We are also currently developing a unique detonation based air-breathing rocket, hypersonic engine management software, and advanced cooling solutions.

Our Vision

To build a future where long distance travel, both on planet and in space, is a thing of the past.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the highest quality aerospace testing services so that our partners can rapidly develop their emerging technologies to get us where we need to go faster. At the same time we also aim to provide unique engine hardware and software that integrates seamlessly with our partners products.

Our Team

Executive Board

Jonathan Reyes, PhD


With a curiosity for the unknown and a passion for speed, Jonathan (Jay) never stops advancing flight and space technologies. He received his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida where he specialized in advanced propulsion technologies and optical diagnostics. He has worked on a number of programs and systems for the F119, F135, T55, and other engines. He has extensive research experience in detonation physics and integrating the tech into real engines.

Andres Curbelo, PhD


Making sure no detail is overlooked, Andres always arrives at solutions to highly complex problems with accuracy and expediency. He received his doctorate in Thermofluid Sciences at the University of Central Florida where he specialized in advanced experimentation and computational fluid dynamics. He has worked on a variety of aerospace platforms with companies such as Honeywell, Siemens, GE, and many others. He has developed custom solutions that has yielded lasting results on every effort.

Advisory Board

Kareem Ahmed


Kareem is an associate professor at the UCF MAE Department and a faculty member of the Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research. He focuses on high-speed compressible turbulent combustion, detonations, supersonic compressible reacting flows, flow-flame control and advance laser diagnostics. He is leading prime research in detonations for hypersonics and power generation research for AFOSR and DOE.

Mark Blue


Mark is a highly qualified executive with more than 29 years experience encompassing military, government and commercial organizations. He is a founding member of Harris’ RF Energy Systems business area which seeks to leverage Harris’ core competencies and technologies to increase the production and efficiency of oil recovery while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.

Yahaira Gomez


Yahaira is a versatile, results-driven executive with demonstrated success in finance, commercial and governmental payor contract management, budgeting, forecasting, BI analytics, and financial reporting. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Shared Services at Acorn Health where she leads end to end accounting and revenue cycle management functions.

Kevin Pope


Kevin is an accomplished environmental scientist and business owner, with over 35 years of professional experience in natural resource management, regulation, and conservation. He is currently CEO of Terra-Vent Environmental, demonstrating and commercializing a process for dramatically reducing water consumption and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in heavy industries such as mining and bitumen extraction.

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