The Next Step In Speed

JOUST Features


JOUST 1 is a compact engine that has the potential to be 48% lighter than similar class motors.


98% of reactants are combusted in a 6 nm region. More thrust per pound of fuel than a rocket motor.


Our experimental prototype has endured over 1000 test hours of R&D. It shows no signs of stopping.

How It Works

The JOUST engine is a reusable air-breathing rocket motor that is powered by standing oblique detonation wave (SODW) technology. In a nutshell, SODW is the fastest type of flame currently known. The key is controlling it and JOUST does just that. It allows for 98% of the reactants to be burned, increasing fuel efficiency by over 32% compared to traditional motors, and reduces overall harmful emissions by 28%. SODW also releases more thermal energy in a smaller region than typical scramjet and rocket motors allowing it to produce more thrust and carry heavier payloads in a more compact package.

More Than Science.

It's Reality.

We have taken over 7 years of research out of the laboratory and turned it into an experimental prototype. There's more work to be done before our engine is off the ground and flying, but with our specialized team it's only a matter of time. See for yourself.

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